Visually Impaired / Low Vision

Low Vision Aids and Vision Therapy - For the Visually Impaired and Legally Blind

Low Vision Aids can maximize your remaining usable vision when conventional glasses or contact lenses are not sufficient to help you to see more than 20/70 in your better eye or if you are legally blind. Visual conditions that can lead to visual impairment include: macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, visual loss due to stroke or craniotomy, trauma, and congenital vision problems.

Low Vision aids can help with:

Low Vision Aids are designed for a specific task or group of tasks. It is rare for a single pair of glasses to be sufficient to see at different distances, in different lighting conditions or for different activities. Dr. Monetta will prescribe patients the following types of Low Vision Aids combined with Vision Therapy to retrain the eyes and significantly improve vision: